Thursday, July 9, 2009

American Road Trip

It's that time of the year again when I get on the road. This time I'm heading to the Upper Midwest (Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin) and, perhaps, a few days in Chicago, IL.

I'll be posting along the way. First up today, I'm heading to Memphis, TN. On the way, I think I'm going to stop in Tupelo, MS, and visit the birthplace of Elvis Presley and then visit Graceland Too in Holly Springs. I've already visited Graceland in Memphis so that should complete the Elvis trifecta for me.

To get you in the mood. Here is a picture from my recent Fourth of July celebrations at my friend Bo Hicks's mother's family "compound" in Abernant, AL (go Panthers!). We had a patriotic parade around the pool, said the pledge of allegiance and celebrated America's independence from the scurrilous British (cup of tea and a scone any one?) before digging into some fine American vittles (as only Americans know how). I did my part by dressing up and would have won the competition for the most American looking foreigner if such a competition existed.