Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Giving of Thanks

Recently, I've become somewhat obsessed with American football. I don't really know why this is the case. In previous years I've been able to watch plenty of college football games on Saturdays and then, for dessert, watch NFL games all day Sunday. While I did this I used to grade student papers, so I could write it off as one might write off something for tax purposes.

Anyway, this year has been different, mostly because the University of Alabama has just completed an undefeated season in football, and will play for the SEC championship against the University of Florida. I find I don't really like watching other teams play anymore and both the Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints of the NFL stink, so my interest there has waned. During my time here, Alabama has had two decent seasons but nothing this good, and no one expected them to get to this point under their new coach so soon.

Alabama plays an old-school kind of football. Blue collar, even. It's not pretty whereas Florida plays a very offense-orientated game, and thus is flashy. Sports writers and talking heads are saying Florida is going to win the game. The game is on 4pm EST time on Saturday (so that's 10am Sunday in New Zealand, but since it's on CBS it's not going to be on ESPN in NZ) but NZ viewers will most likely get the ACC championship game featuring Virgina Tech versus Boston College. Feel free to watch this snooze fest because there will be in-game highlights of the Alabama game.

In my last football post I tried to explain what's going to happen after all these games, but basically if Alabama wins the game against Florida then Alabama will play for the National Championship, so a lot is riding on this. If Alabama loses they will go to the Sugar Bowl, and if it's tight, a few other results in other championship games go their way, Alabama could play in the championship game but that's an unlikely scenario.

Anyway, this is pretty exciting, actually, and I am looking forward to Saturday.

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Amanda Rose said...

Thrilled that you're so in to American football right now :). Wish you had been as interested when I was there...and performing!! Had a blast at Homecoming - though it was an extremely short trip. I hope my thought to call counts for something...even if there was no way to visit. I was thinking about you :).